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With its one million inhabitants, Cologne is one of the biggest cities in Germany and the biggest city on the Rhine. However, "Kölle" (as the people of Cologne call their lovely city), has way more to offer than just the Cologne Cathedral, Cologne carnival, and the Kölsch and Eau de Cologne.

Cologne has a special atmosphere that is created by its people. The people of Cologne are very simple, lax and care-free with a certain calmness. And they are also famous for their "rheinische Fröhlichkeit" (Rhenish happiness) which might take some getting used to. Sayings like "Wo mir sinn, is Kölle" (Where we are is Cologne), "et hätt noch immer joot jejange" (yet, it always turned out well), "et kütt wie et kütt" (what will be, will be) or "läve un läve losse" (live and let live) prove just this simplicity and warmness.

Come discover this unique city, exciting nightlife and cuisine. Go for a walk on the Rhine or relax in one of the 'green lungs' (parks and gardens) of the city. As a result of the closeness to the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area, you could also visit cities such as Düsseldorf , Dortmund or Essen (where in 2010 the RUHR.2010 will be taking place). Cheap accommodations in Cologne can be booked on gloveler.com.

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Cologne sightseeing

Cologne Cathedral
Cologne Cathedral is the most famous sight of the city. Although it is just the second-highest church in Germany (behind Ulmer Münster) and the third-highest one in the world, you shouldn't miss to visit the cathedral. Entry to the church is free of course, but for a fee of one Euro you can climb the 509 steps of the 100-m-high steeple from which you can enjoy a unique view of the city. Though you probably won't find a cheap place to stay at the address "Domkloster 4" (this is the address of Cologne Cathedral), you can book cheap places to stay in Cologne on gloveler.com in the vicinity of the cathedral!
KölnTriangle is the second-highest building of Right-of-the-Rhine Cologne (which the inhabitants of Cologne call "Schäl Sick"). The building can be reached by foot comfortably over Hohenzollernbrücke . KölnTriangle's address is Ottoplatz 1, named after Nikolaus Otto, the inventor of the petrol engine. The petrol engine's ideal form is a Reuleaux-triangle, and just this triangle has given its name and its form to KölnTriangle. The observation deck in 103-metre height is 5 metres higher than the one of Cologne Cathedral and in comparison to the church it can be accessed much more comfortable with a lift. And in the borough of Cologne-Deutz there are a lot of accommodations waiting for you – Book an accommodation in Cologne on gloveler.com.
The river Rhine is the lifeline of the cathedral city. Take a time out from the hecticness of the city and enjoy the silence with a walk along the Rhine. It is especially recommendable to visit the flea market that starts under Hohenzollernbrücke and sprawls to Schokoladenmuseum (chocolate museum) all along the Rhine. And one more tip: For crossing the Rhine choose the pedestrian's crossing on Hohenzollernbrücke. In recent years an ancient Italian custom was adopted here: you find thousands of locks with engraved names of lovers on them – couples do this to seal their love by sinking the key of the lock in the river, here in the river Rhine. If you travel as a couple, you should eternalize yourselves here . You can book cheap places to stay in Cologne on gloveler.com.
Cologne can be proud of numerous museums with high-class collections. Among the many museums for which an additional visit of the city would be appropriate the most important ones should be mentioned: The Museum Ludwig (modern age and modern art), the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum (art from the Middle Ages to the 19th century) and the Römisch-Germanisches-Museum (art and everyday objects from the Roman epoch). Among tourists Cologne's Schokoladenmuseum (chocolate museum) is very popluar, especially because of its chocolate well and its walk-in tropical house. Pay the chocolate well a visit and book an accommodation in Cologne on gloveler.com!
Going out
In Cologne you can stop by anytime and anywhere. During the day cafés and restaurants along the Rhine are recommendable to enjoy the sun. During the night Cologne is a sparkling, colorful city that doesn't need to hide behind cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The strongholds of the clubs and bars are in "Kwartier Latäng", in the Friesenviertel (Frisian's borough) near the Friesenplatz (Frisian's place), in the Belgisches Viertel (Belgian borough) and on Hohenzollernring. Whether Kwartier Latäng, Friesenviertel or Belgisches Viertel – Cheap places to stay in Cologne can be booked on gloveler.com!

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